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Welcome to the Nineteenth Century Studies Association website, where we hope you will find information about the Association, its interests and outlets, as well as enticements to join in the many conversations we have on and beyond these pages.

We are an interdisciplinary Association interested in exploring all aspects of the long nineteenth century, from science to music, from architecture to religion, from movement to literatures—and beyond. We hope you will peruse these pages as a volume inviting you to join us at our annual spring meeting, and we ask you to join our community of those with nineteenth century interests.

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Q&A: Ani Kokobobo

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Ani Kokobobo received her B.A. from Dartmouth (2005) and Ph.D. from Columbia University (2011). She is currently Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Slavic Department at the University of Kansas as well as editor of the Tolstoy Studies Journal. She has published a monograph, Russian Grotesque Realism: The Great Reforms and Gentry Decline (Ohio State University Press, 2018), as well as two coedited volumes: Russian Writers and the Fin de Siècle—The Twilight of Realism (Cambridge University Press, 2015); and Russia’s Regional Identities: The Power of the Provinces (Routledge, 2018). She has written over 20 academic articles, and her writing for the public has appeared in The Washington Post,, The New Republic, Business Insider, and the Los Angeles Review of Books.

What are you doing in the nineteenth-century classroom that incorporates Digital Humanities / New Media scholarship? I taught a course on Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace and digital humanities a couple of years ago...

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Q&A: Shana Klein

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Shana Klein is Assistant Professor of Art History at Kent State University. She is trained in the history of American art, with sub-specialties in African-American and Native-American art. Klein holds a Ph.D. in Art History from the University of New Mexico, where she completed her dissertation—and now book project—The Fruits of Empire: Contextualizing Food in American Art and Culture. Klein has been awarded fellowships for her research at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Henry Luce Foundation, and Huntington Library, among others. She has published research in journals such as American Art and Southern Cultures and has served as Managing Editor of the journal Food, Media, and Culture. Klein’s research interests combine studies of American visual and material culture with food and social justice.

What is your favorite nineteenth-century quotation? A writer for an 1887 catalogue selling chromo-pictures declared...Click here to read more!

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Q&A: Gregory Vargo

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Gregory Vargo is an Assistant Professor of English at New York University and co-editor of Chartist Fiction Online, which catalogues fiction and reviews in thirty-five radical periodicals. His first book, An Underground History of Early Victorian Fiction: Chartism, Radical Print Culture, and the Social Problem Novel (Cambridge University Press, 2018), traces the social, institutional, and textual networks linking middle-class writers to the world of working-class politics and argues that the flourishing radical press of the 1820s to 1850s helped shape mainstream literature. He is currently editing a collection of four plays that were written or performed by members of the 1840s British protest movement Chartism. This collection will be published by Manchester University Press in 2020. An article based on this research recently appeared in Victorian Studies. He is also in the early stages of a book-length manuscript about the response of British social movements to such colonial crises as slave revolts in the early nineteenth century and the Indian Rebellion of 1857. 


What was your favorite discovery / serendipitous moment when conducting research on the nineteenth century? I love this question because a recent serendipitous find changed my research... Click here to read more!

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Q&A: Robert St. Clair

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Robert St. Clair is currently assistant professor of French at Dartmouth and the co-editor-in-chief of Parade sauvage, the international journal of Arthur Rimbaud studies published with Garnier. He has authored a number of studies on nineteenth-century French literature, history, and critical theory (and one on Batman), and his first book, Poetry, Politics, and the Body in Rimbaud—Lyrical Material appeared last September with Oxford University Press. He is currently at work on a second book on the question of loss in nineteenth-century French literature and cannot wait for winter in New Hampshire to be over!  

Have you ever had something happen to you professionally that you thought was bad but turned out to be for the best? Oh, so many more than space would allow me to list here... Click here to read more!

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Proposed Change to NCSA's Bylaws:

Proposed Change to NCSA's Bylaws:
The following change to the Association's bylaws was proposed and will be voted upon during our Board and Business meetings at the 2019 Conference in Kansas City:
Do you approve of the addition of the following language to Article 3.8 of the NCSA Bylaws?
“Each conference director is authorized, under direction of the Board, to waive the conference registration fee for one Graduate Student attendee, in recognition of that student’s contributions toward shaping the graduate student activity at the upcoming conference.”
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