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We are an interdisciplinary Association interested in exploring all aspects of the long nineteenth century, from science to music, from architecture to religion, from movement to literatures—and beyond. We hope you will peruse these pages as a volume inviting you to join us at our annual spring meeting, and we ask you to join our community of those with nineteenth century interests.

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Q&A: Nicholas Daly

19 Cents

Nicholas Daly is Professor of Modern English and American Literature at University College Dublin, and a member of the Royal Irish Academy. His publications include the books Modernism, Romance, and the Fin de Siècle (1999), Literature, Technology and Modernity(2004), Sensation and Modernity in the 1860s (2009), and The Demographic Imagination and the Nineteenth-Century City: Paris, London, New York (2015). He recently edited Baroness Orczy's The Scarlet Pimpernelfor Oxford World's Classics, and he is currently completing a project on Ruritanian fiction, drama and film, from The Prisoner of Zenda to The Princess Diaries.

In which directions do you think nineteenth-century scholarship should evolve in the near future? Most of the things that I would want are already happening: for instance, the turn towards transatlantic and global perspectives; the interest in affect, ecology, and animal studies. I suppose I would like to see more work on the theatre, since it rarely receives anything like the level of attention of the novel. But I believe nineteenth-century studies is in pretty . . . 

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