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We are an interdisciplinary Association interested in exploring all aspects of the long nineteenth century, from science to music, from architecture to religion, from movement to literatures—and beyond. We hope you will peruse these pages as a volume inviting you to join us at our annual spring meeting, and we ask you to join our community of those with nineteenth century interests.

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Q&A: Clayton Tarr

19 Cents

Clayton Tarr teaches at Michigan State University, where he specializes in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British literature. His book, Gothic Stories within Stories: Frame Narratives and Realism in the Genre, 1790–1900 (2017), suggests that the Gothic novel took shape as a mode that allowed readers to experience a deep level of reality that was unavailable in the realist novel. In his latest scholarship, Clayton has examined depictions of rape in 1790s novels; argued that long, white, uniform teeth signaled the threat of degeneracy in the mid-nineteenth century; traced the appearances and performances of bog bodies in nineteenth-century literature; analyzed the narrative authority of disabled characters in Victorian novels; and investigated how mid-Victorian children’s literature engages economic metaphors to describe consumerism and the commodity. His new book project, titled “Paper Trails: Registration, Impersonation, Victorian Sensation,” tackles identity theft in the nineteenth century, and focuses on civil registration efforts that made births, deaths, and marriages a responsibility of the state rather than a liability of the church. 

What are you doing in the nineteenth-century classroom that incorporates Digital Humanities / New Media scholarship? I am committed to “remix” projects . . .  

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